Clovis North – Practice Schedule Changes

Tonight was our last workout before school starts on Monday and the coaching staff cannot be more impressed with how much our athletes have grown from last year. We have a great group of athletes joining the sport for the first time and their growth from day 1 to 10 has been unreal!!!

The coaching staff has been using the two weeks of workouts to assess and put together the best training group for each athlete. We have come up with three training groups, each group will have a dedicated coach with their own curriculum of fundamentals, technical skill-sets, and tactical schemes, and their own competition schedule.

The athletes that have been practicing with Coach Brian will start their practice schedule next week as posted on our website’s calendar (JV practice). The athletes that have been training with Coach Nichols will be assigned their training group after tomorrow’s scrimmages. If your athlete has been training with Coach Nichols and they’re not able to make it to the scrimmages, they will be contacted tomorrow evening.

Coach Nichols

Oakdale Scrimmage

We have a series of scrimmages at Oakdale HS on Saturday August 19th.

Athletes will need to be on deck by 8 am for our first scrimmage:

9 am vs Woodcreek

10:30 am vs El Capitan

11:30 am vs Oakdale

12:30 pm vs Sonora
We will not have school transportation for this competition series.  Please check-in with the coaching staff if your athlete needs to setup a carpool.

2016 – Season Accolades

All TRAC Awards (Performance in TRAC competitions)

Offensive Player of the Year / 1st Team All League – Savannah Fitzgerald (31 goals / 18 assists)

1st Team All League – Georgia Phillips (93 saves)

2nd Team All League – Shannon Crow (10 goals / 37 assists)

2nd Team All League – Amy Zaninovich (10 goals / 22 assists)

All CIF – Central Section Awards (Performance in our two CIF competitions)

1st Team All CIF – Savannah Fitzgerald

1st Team All CIF – Shannon Crow

2nd Team All CIF – Emilie La Blue

2nd Team All CIF – Hannah Kharazi

Honorable Mention – Amy Zaninovich

We had a handful of records on the cusp of being bested, with one of them being broken by two different athletes.

Savannah finishing the season with 87 goals (100 is our record held by Hunter Winslow).

Georgia Phillips (172) and Lexi Stahl (167) were in the hunt to break Georgia’s record of 249, which is particularly impressive considering neither played every quarter the full 30 game schedule.

Katelyn Fairchild’s 2012 assists record of 67 was beat by two of our athletes this year.  Amy Zaninovich finished the season with 69 assists and Shannon Crow finished with 71.  Amy will have next year to beat the graduating senior’s record.

Our team TRAC record was 5 – 5 / Overall record of 16 – 14 / 263 goals for with 203 goals against.  We had 7 athletes with 10+ assists and we had 8 athletes scoring 10+ goals for the season with 6 of them having 15+.



Donation Information

We have several options available to receive donations from family, friends, and business associates.  The documents posted below provide more detail on each option.  We have a general donation letter for someone offering to make a contribution to our program with nothing back to them.  We have the Legacy balls, which represent a family contribution to the program, but the money does not have to come from the individual family.  If the athlete is able to collect the $300 from sponsors, they may purchase the Legacy ball.  The Varsity picture has been picked and is ready for printing, we are going to print them next week, allowing our Varsity girls some time to ask sponsors to place their logo on the team competition calendar, along with a sponsor banner at the gate of our home games.  The last letter is a tournament sponsorship, which offers a banner and logo placement in our tournament program for one of our two hosted tournaments.