Thank You

I would like to thank all of the coaches, families, and athletes for their support and dedication to our program.  We have an impressive group of talented athletes working their way through a tumultuous time in their lives as they learn how to balance their family, academic, athletic, and social commitments.  Our three graduating Senior parents helped behind the scenes with team meals, pictures, and our new tradition of the Senior banners.  Shelly Zaninovich brought our athletes their pre-game meals and Amy Salinas managed our snack-bar, which brought in a little over $1,000 for the team!!!  We had amazing support throughout the ranks, from our Granite Ridge families stepping in and sending food as well as cashiering our Clovis North snack-bar, our JV families trekking out to our away tournaments, and our Varsity families managing carpools for morning workouts.  There were so many more people that lent a helping hand throughout the season and as a new coach, I could not have asked for a better supporting staff across the board.

Thank you all for your assistance throughout the season, I am excited for the years to come as the team culture grows through the families involved.

Coach Nichols