Clovis North – Practice Schedule Changes

cn.pool complex

Tonight was our last workout before school starts on Monday and the coaching staff cannot be more impressed with how much our athletes have grown from last year. We have a great group of athletes joining the sport for the first time and their growth from day 1 to 10 has been unreal!!!

The coaching staff has been using the two weeks of workouts to assess and put together the best training group for each athlete. We have come up with three training groups, each group will have a dedicated coach with their own curriculum of fundamentals, technical skill-sets, and tactical schemes, and their own competition schedule.

The athletes that have been practicing with Coach Brian will start their practice schedule next week as posted on our website’s calendar (JV practice). The athletes that have been training with Coach Nichols will be assigned their training group after tomorrow’s scrimmages. If your athlete has been training with Coach Nichols and they’re not able to make it to the scrimmages, they will be contacted tomorrow evening.

Coach Nichols

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