Feeling of the night: proud

I am proud of how OUR athletes did tonight.  I’m not proud solely because our Varsity squad beat a team for the first time in school history, the pride I feel as a Bronco tonight comes from the opportunity OUR athletes gave to the parents, family members, and other supporters of OUR program to see what they’ve been working on as a group of amazing student-athletes.  I believe every rep a teammate takes in practice is either benefiting or hurting the team.  If a sub that gets to hop in for a possession or two during a TRAC game, gets a stop against one of our starters in practice, our TEAM has gotten better on that rep when the starter has to adjust to make a pass or a shot under pressure.  When WE push ourselves harder than our competitors in a game, WE get better as a TEAM.  The last few workouts have been impressive to watch.  From top to bottom, our athletes are pushing each other to make sure we’re not surprised when an opponent presses us on offense or tries to make a play while we’re on defense.  The composure shown throughout tonight’s game, the patience on offense, the mobility on defense, etc. are all examples of how well the athletes have prepared themselves for an intense competition. We were the first to strike tonight and we never looked back.  We set the tone in their pool, in their house.  It was our game from the first whistle to last.  I am proud of how well the athletes reflected their hard-work in a great game tonight and look forward to tomorrow’s practice to continue on this path.

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