Feeling of the night: Happy

It might seem strange that happiness is the overall feeling of the night considering it’s such a simple emotion, but when you take a step back and think about how elusive it is at times it might make a bit more sense.

The smoke filled air that rolled in yesterday afternoon put a strange damper on how I was feeling as the day wore on and we did our walk-through workout after school.  I wasn’t too sure how today would turn out: would we have a game or are we going to postpone the match-up?  When the bell rang to start the day, there was a hint of smoke lingering in the air, but as the day wore on and the sun broke through, there was a shift in how the day felt…GAME ON!!!

Our TEAM was ready for the upcoming battle.  They’re all bought-in, they know what’s at stake every time they suit up, and they know we have no easy games on our schedule.  The bus ride over to the REC was calming and quiet.  The time before their dynamic warm-up was filled with lighthearted talks between teammates as they mentally prepared for the game, music flowing through headphones, a short walk to crush a raid, and a growing excitement for the 5:00 p.m. ball drop.  It seemed just as quickly as the ball dropped to start the game, it was being thrown back to the officials at the end.  That’s when the smile crept up on me and I thought about how happy I am in this moment for our TEAM of amazing student-athletes.

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